Bio 'Naturally Caring' Urns

The ‘ Naturally Caring’ range of products is a brand of urns that reflects the cycle of life. While the environment around these urns are dry, they work in the same way as a traditional urn and can be kept at home. When the family feels the time is right, they can place the urns into a lake, river, sea or earth.  The ashes and the urn will return back to nature. The urns are all completely ecological, natural and biodegradable.The manufacture process is absolutely sustainable. Depending on the model, the urns are made of clay, organic proteins, sand with vegetable agglutination and amino acid, making them completely ecological and degradable.

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Circle of Life

The Circle of Life.  This urn is designed to create a natural atmosphere of comfort with soft quartz curves representing the memories that will...
Circle of Life Price Unavailable

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Lotus Flower

This beautiful biodegradable urn is the image of a lotus flower. a divine symbol from ancient times.  Its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of...
Lotus Flower Price Unavailable

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A stunning urn made of sand that represents the return of life to nature. This urn reflects a life of sunshine and fun, naturally.  It reflects a...
Sandcastle Price Unavailable

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A light blue urn with a silver trim that is as beautiful as it is simple and elegant to reflect such a life. A lovely urn that will carry the loved...
Thai Price Unavailable

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Toledo - Dark Green

With style and simlicity this urn is designed to carry the ashes of a loved one back to nature. This is a natural choice. This reflects a care of...
Toledo - Dark Green Price Unavailable

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