Seahorse Scattering Urn

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The Seahorse Cherish Urn is a Scattering Urn. This beautifully design urn has a teal colored cover and ocean blue color base, the inside has a light blue nautical interior. The seahorse and trim are a three
dimensional embossed foil design. These urns are ideal for keeping at home, traveling, or scattering on water or land. Included
are biodegradable bags, these bags can be place in the earth or on the water. If you intend to place the bag on the water, be sure the air is out of the bag and do not seal the bag with a twist tie. It will slip under and open to release the ashes. Each urn is sized for an adult or as a companion urn, for two people.
Measures 9” x 9” x 8”; 420 cubic inches.
Top loading.

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